Bellagio Cafe

Breakfast, Brunch and Lunch, 7am-4pm, 7 days.



Everything is made at our bakery, The Nelson Road Tuckshop. We aim to use organic where possible, sourcing the best ingredients and nurturing as close to the source where we can. All of our meats are smoked in house, as well as all the pickled goodness on this menu. We even grow our own herbs.



EGGS ON SOURDOUGH $12 - Poached, fried or scrambled


BACON AND EGG ROLL $12 - Fried eggs, BBQ bacon chutney & sriracha hot sauce on brioche bun

add avocado   $3


FIVE GRAIN BEER PORRIDGE $17 - Rye, lemon & prune w/ toasted hazelnuts, cream, miso caramel, cacao nibs & 

fennel poached pears


EARL GREY & BAKED APPLE SPICED MUESLI $16 - Sheep milk yoghurt, strawberry, ginger & rhubarb compote with apple,

chia seed & mint slaw w/ your choice of milk


FIG SULTANA & STAR ANISE RYE   $16 - Ricotta, honeycomb, seasonal poached fruit & bee pollen


BREAKFAST SALAD – (gf)   $19 - Purple kale & herb salad w/ green lentil falafel, sweet potato, curried coconut, 

pickles & a poached egg    add halloumi   $5      add pulled pork $8


AVOCADO SMASH $20 - Goats fetta & smoked tomato jam w/ heirloom tomato, coriander & harissa salad

on seeded sourdough              add poached egg   $3           add bacon   $5


SMOKEY BBQ BACON BEANS   $22 - Bacon sourdough crumb, parsley & onion salad, soft boiled egg w/ smoked 

butter on seeded sourdough          add extra egg $3


SARDINES ON PUMPERNICKEL   $20 - Smoked tomato jam, Italian melted cheese, fried egg & chilli w/ watercress 

& radish salad             add extra egg   $3


HOUSE SMOKED BBQ BRISKET   $22 - Spicy sobrassada & corn smash, broccomole, fried egg & pickled chilli on sourdough   

add extra egg   $3



Coconut kale/ fresh tomato / sauerkraut / mixed pickles / house smoked butter $4

Halloumi / avocado / quinoa falafel / bacon $5

House ‘hot smoked’ salmon with pickled fennel / harissa poached chicken $7

Pulled pork w/ pickled red cabbage $8          Smoked brisket w/ sandwich pickles $8

Southern fried chicken w/ chimmi churri $9


All ingredients may not be listed on the menu. Please talk to your waiter if you suffer from an allergy or intolerances.